The Integrated Fitpro™ - Iliotibial Band Exposed! v1.3 by Simon Wellsted

The Integrated Fitpro™ - Iliotibial Band Exposed! v1.3

A lot of information exists in the public domain about the Iliotibial band, what it is, how it moves, how to exercise it and also concerning several common pain and injury scenarios surrounding it. 

What is evident however is that much of the information out there is not based on actually looking at the Iliotibial band and testing it to see what its properties are, what it’s biomechanics are, what its physiology is, how this physiology relates to the local and distal structures around it and, when you apply these evidential parameters and variables, how this information informs common mobility, pain and injury scenarios typically attributed to the Iliotibial band.

This eBook in The Integrated Fitpro™ Professional Development Series, seeks to bring together evidential material about the Iliotibial band in an accessible and relevant way that will hopefully help Personal Trainers, Fitness, Exercise & Movement Professionals, Sports Coaches and Physical / Sports therapists to help their clients in a much bigger way.

If just one piece of information from this eBook helps you to do this, then we have achieved our objective to help you become a more successful professional by adding more value to your clients.

Enjoy the eBook.

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