Professional Integration Series - Integration Foundations by Simon Wellsted

Professional Integration Series - Integration Foundations

In this game-changing training for Personal Trainers, Pilates and movement, manual therapy and rehab professionals who want to really stand out from their competition becoming THE go-to professional in their area by doing things differently and getting even better results for their clients, we will open your eyes and minds to new and incredibly powerful ways of enhancing your income potential, your reach and your client impact through seamlessly integrating your skills with those of allied professionals OR seamlessly blending your own multiple skills if you are qualified in both exercise/movement and massage. What we explore in Professional Integration Series - Foundations - goes way beyond just referral, presenting practical and proven models for thinking very differently about the powerful skills that you possess and use on a daily basis, highlighting just how vital your skills are to other professionals, and vice versa. In this training we show you how you can use your powerful skills in new and exciting ways to deliver real, tangible benefits to you, other professionals and to your clients. A real Win-Win-Win. Watch the introductory video to get a feel for what we cover in this training and then dive in to a beautiful journey of discovery and growth.

What's included?

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Professional Integration Series - Foundations
Foundations Lesson 1 - Part 1 (Preview)
4 mins
Foundation - Lesson 1 - Part 2
5 mins
Foundations Lesson 2
10 mins
Foundations Lesson 3
13 mins
Foundations Lesson 4
12 mins
Foundations Lesson 5
7 mins
Foundations Lesson 6
11 mins
Foundations Lesson 7
9 mins