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Where we push boundaries and challenge everything so the joy for our clients comes in discovering new things.

If, like me, you are an extremely curious Personal Trainer, Pilates or movement specialist, sports massage or other hands-on manual therapy or rehab professional, passionate about seeking new ways of using your amazing skills to deliver greater impact, greater reach, greater income and the best possible results for your clients? 

With an insatiable appetite for learning as much as you possibly can about how the amazing human body works and moves, so that you can finally stop chasing and treating symptoms and instead be able to explain and solve some of the most common and frustrating exercise, movement, pain or injury challenges your clients come to you to solve?

Wow! i’ve just described myself to a tee, and I’m hoping I’ve just described you too.

OK, so let’s get to the nub of the challenge ...

If you are ready AND willing to think and work differently from everyone else, so that you:

  • Really stand out head and shoulders over your competition? 
  • Get better results than everybody else?
  • Becoming THE go-to professional in your area?
  • So that clients naturally choose you over all the other professionals out there?

(Especially right now as lockdown is eased and the "new normal" evolves.)

But ... You don't know where to start?   You don't believe you have what it takes to stand out?   You are constantly comparing yourself with everyone else and believing that the only differentiator you have is price?   And furthermore believe that clients won't pay you what you are truly worth? 

Then you are definitely in the right place.

I see and hear these very common limiting beliefs, concerns and blocks every day - and yes, I’ve had them all myself in the past, so I totally understand and get where you are right now. Some I still have!

You might also be a professional with multiple exercise, movement AND manual therapy qualifications, but treating your different disciplines and skill sets as different businesses, with different clients, with different problems - Yes?

We are here to re-frame all these very common beliefs. 
We have a Pilates teacher client who charges over £1000 for their services and Sports Therapy professionals who charge in the high hundreds, all taking their clients on a wonderful journey of discovery, exploration and explanation that they will not have experienced anywhere else before.  All because they are able to see the human body and exercise, movement and injury problems differently and thus get results that other professionals are simply not able to deliver.

This could be you. It's a beautiful journey I started 10 years ago whilst working in my own soft tissue therapy clinic in a private gym. And it's a journey I love bringing to professionals just like you.

We will help you to see and assess the human body in beautiful new ways, to look at problems through different sets of lenses and then confidently combine these different perspectives so that you become THE consummate exercise, movement or manual therapy problem-solver for your clients.

And - if you happen to have multiple qualifications - we will show you how to seamlessly combine the wonderfully powerful skills you have to get even better results for your clients than you do today.

Results Don’t Lie!  The best source of new clients is always those who come to you through their knowledge of the extraordinary results that YOU get

Here, one of our clients describes her amazing journey with us.

And you can start to achieve extraordinary results like Beth's with the groundbreaking online training available through this site.

No miracle products, no proprietary systems or methods,

Just YOU, in your own GENIUS, doing what YOU do best, but transforming your results (and hence your client impact) which in turn will transform your status, your positioning and hence your reach in the industry, completely changing the perception in your clients around what you can do for them and where they should turn to achieve THE best results.

Who of course is YOU!

And at the same time completely bemusing and frustrating the other professionals locally to you!

Results! Results! Results!

The simplest and easiest  way to stand out from your competition is for you to develop such a devastatingly powerful “unfair advantage” that gets you even better results than anybody else:

  • Results that turn client heads,
  • Results that other professionals won’t understand, 
  • Results that other professionals won’t know how to replicate, 
  • Results that other professionals simply won’t be able to compete with. 

And that powerful unfair advantage is learning how to seamlessly integrate the truly powerful skills you already have!

Allow us to open your eyes ...

... to powerful new ways of thinking and working, enabling both you (and your clients) to learn far more about what's going on with their bodies and why things are happening than ever before, so they (and you) achieve extraordinary results.

Remember, results don't lie!

Joined-Up Thinking & Joined-Up Working

No single human body system is more important than any other, just as no single body working discipline is more important (or indeed better) than any other. 

It doesn't matter what your core discipline or skillset is, we all provide really important pieces of a hugely complex but beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

What marks a really great professional is a desire and capacity to understand where they fit into the big jigsaw AND how all the systems act together in the human body in a systemic way.

So we will teach you groundbreaking new cross-discipline information and skills about the amazing human body jigsaw puzzle that will give you a totally unfair "results" advantage over every other PT, Pilates professional or manual therapist in your area.

As a result you literally eliminate your competition pretty well over night!

Some Testimonials - Starting With Beth Redfern

Working with Simon and Christina has been absolutely fantastic.  Everything has been completely tailored to me, what I wanted to know and the types of issues that I work with with my clients. The face-to-face training sessions have been really fun and informative, as well as mind blowing! Outside of these sessions the ongoing support has been second to none, with Simon being endlessly patient with my many questions.

Simon has taught me so many things - not least that we shouldn’t make general assumptions about what’s going on in someone’s body. It’s given me a logical and  systematic approach to be able to work out what is actually happening, which helps me problem solve and determine the best and most effective way to work with each individual person (just because on the face of it two people present with the same pain or issue it doesn’t necessarily mean we should be working with them in the same way) .  

I was able to start implementing what I was learning into my work with clients pretty much immediately. Through working in this new way I have seen some of my clients achieve amazing changes very quickly. So much so that I was recently questioned by the chiropractor treating a mutual client about what I had been doing as he was so astounded by the change in her. Another client told me that I had given him more information about his body in one session than he had gained from seeing various specialists over the previous 3 months. 

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for both my own personal development and my business.

Beth Redfern - Pilates Specialist and Clinical Biomechanics Practitioner

Christina Chalmers

Feeling inspired. This brings all the pieces of the jigsaw together and makes it all work so much better. It way beats everything I have ever done hands down. I am being challenged and stretched and this is pushing my capabilities conceptually, theoretically and practically further than I ever have before. This has massively improved my knowledge and understanding. And most importantly it has improved my patient outcomes! - I can't thank you enough for taking me on this journey.
Christina Chalmers - Sports Therapist and Clinical Biomechanics Master Practitioner

My Epic Mentor - Jo Abbott

Working with Simon is always a pleasure: he has always asked the questions most are afraid to ask. He has never been afraid to stand out from the crowd, and is always keen to share a debate with like-minded individuals. Simon offers multiple tools that deliver high quality Coaching to professionals and continues to push his own understanding of the human body and it’s complex systems.
Jo Abbott MSc, Biomechanist, Clinical Anatomist, Sports Nutritionist, University Researcher & Lecturer

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Muscle Capacity - The Missing Link!

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